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We’ve created sunscreen to refresh, moisturise and protect your skin. 100% cruelty free SPF50+ skin care. Discover our 4 summer scents today.

Lime Sunscreen
SPF 50+
Vanilla Sunscreen
SPF 50+
Grapefruit Sunscreen
SPF 50+
Coconut Sunscreen
SPF 50+
Beachfox 4-pack
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Skincare made from all the right stuff

Good for you
Our moisturising, clear transparent sun spray formula with Broad-spectrum Protection will keep you from harmful UVA/UVB rays while helping you get the most out of your summer. Fresh, quickly absorbed and suitable for sensitive skin. What more do you need?

Sweat resistant
We know this matters. That's why we have developed a sweat resistant formula for you to enjoy....all day.

4 hours water resistant, of course
Jump in and out of the surf, no worries. We have you covered for up to 4 hours. If you feel adventurous, that's enough time to swim from Manly to Shelly beach and back 4 times! Even better, you can apply it to wet skin. Now that's awesome.

Dermatologically tested on humans. We wouldn't even dream of testing our products on animals. Beachfox is proudly 100% cruelty free.

Most importantly, we are local and proud. We live, love and enjoy the northern beaches every day. Whether you're from Bondi or Manly makes no difference because we've developed this sunscreen for you to enjoy. So, grab your mates, hit the beach and live the long summer days!

What's in the bottle

Homosalate [5.000%w/w] Octyl Salicylate [5.000%w/w] Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane [4.000%w/w] Octocrylene [8.000%w/w]Contains: Ethanol 26.7 %v/v (coconut & vanilla) 27.0% v/v (lime & grapefruit)

Contains: Ethanol 26.7 %v/v (coconut & vanilla) 27.0% v/v (lime & grapefruit)

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