Why SPF shouldn't be saved for summer.
Why SPF shouldn't be saved for summer.

The gorgeous photo above was taken on the 21st of May, 2019 at Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia. That’s right - it was the height of autumn (or fall – depending on where you are reading this from), the sun was shining, it was 27 degrees and the crystal blue waters of Shelley Beach were sparkling. Bliss, right?

A truly spectacular day on one of the most iconic east coast beaches.

Thank you weather gods & goddesses for bringing us a perfect shoot day! The team at BEACHFOX could not have been more excited to spend the day by the ocean and call it “work”. Seems only fair, right? It is, after all, where BEACHFOX constantly finds its inspiration!

However, the combination of all of those things - summer weather in the middle autumn, bright blue skies and the sun shining - are exactly why we set out to create BEACHFOX, a broad-spectrum sunscreen suitable to use 365 days of the year. Applying  our sunscreen on a day like this was a no-brainer. With numerous studies showing that even with cloud cover, sunburn is still very possible (UVA and UVB radiation will reach your skin even on an overcast day - yikes!), we can’t stress enough the importance of SPF protection whenever you are enjoying the great outdoors!

So, why not just make sunscreen enjoyable?

At BEACHFOX we know that SPF application can sometimes be an arduous task. Committing to incorporating  SPF  into your daily routine doesn’t come naturally – thick creams that leave your skin feeling oily, sticky or smothered is not necessarily the vibe you were going for, right?

While we could easily wax lyrical about our clear, quick to dry SPF50 formula that comes in four unique scents (wait - did we just do that?), this is more a message to say that sun care is no joke (seriously, we're not laughing) - any day of the year, so please find a SPF product that works for you and use it daily.

Beachfox Lime Sunscreen
Beachfox Lime Sunscreen SPF 50

Let’s talk UVA & UVB…

With harmful UVA & UVB rays capable of penetrating clouds (and glass), an easy to apply sunscreen is the frontline for protecting your skin under our oh-so alluring Australian skies. While our broad-spectrum product has made it just that much easier to get on the SPF bandwagon, we know there are still those that may not commit on the daily. Let us put it this way: we have come to think of our SPF like we do our daily moisturiser - a bit of an AM non-negotiable for keeping our skin in the best possible condition.The figures that show 2 out of 3 Australians will have significant skin damage like melanoma or sun spots in their lifetime are accurate - trust us, your more mature self will thank you in years to come.

Our BEACHFOX shoot lasted just four hours. Our team were covered in BEACHFOX (of course, in a scent of their choice) and didn’t cop sunburn for the shoot period. We enjoyed the spectacular day, but certainly didn’t think we were invincible under the beaming sun.

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